Pj’s Picks (Best Of)

Here are some of Pj’s favorite episodes and moments

Witness as we battle each other with a comic book character quiz! (link to original post with pics)

177. Comic Connaissance Quiz Time!
Let’s All See How Well The Gang Knows Comics.This week on PJ and the Gang, PJ tests the Gang’s “Comic Connaissance” by pitting them against each other and some very obscure super people.

Watch the entire episode!
177. Vid Of The Week – Comic Connaissance


It’s sequel time! Comic Connaissance II – Electric Boogaloo!  (link to original post with pics)

178. Comic Connaissance II – Electric Boogaloo
In the legendary conclusion to the battle of the obscure that we witnessed last week.
This week we find the one who will save us from evil, we find the one who should have stayed home and we find the one that lost it all.
Join us and rejoice in the (in)humanity of it all honest advocate!

Watch the entire episode!
178. Vid Of The Week – Comic Connaissance II – Electric Boogaloo

135. Gif Of The Week – Gummy Bears
High adventure that is beyond compare…

125. Lily’s Unicorn Comeuppance (with commentary)
The stakes rise as we see the worst comeuppance yet – in video form!
Lily recently lost Brazen’s “Porn or Sports” comments challenge in ep 119 and we get to view the public’s reaction.

Here is the same video without commentary:
125. Lily’s Unicorn Comeuppance (without commentary)

In Memory of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and all other great storytellers

This week, on a very special Pj and the Gang! We go back in time to a simpler era to relive one of the spooky classic short stories… The Monkey’s Paw!
Join us for a laughably spooky time, and enjoy Reaper doing his actual, natural, every day speaking voice!
All available Gang members join the cast in one way or another, with a few special tweaks. Retro, baby!
Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, join us and be entertained!

121. Halloween Special Audio

121. Halloween Special Video


112. OkStupid Box Set
The gang and I were on vacation together this week so we were unable to record,  so we threw 3 episodes together were Fisi thought it was a good idea to let us write his okCupid profile for him.
Sorry ladies and gentlemen, this is from almost exactly a year ago and Fisi is currently off the market.
The offer still stands, if you would like us to write your dating
profile email us at pjandthegangpodcast@gmail.com.
If we can hook fisi up, we can help you.
Like I previously mentioned, this is 3 different recordings combined,
when you hear the flash back sound that signifies the transition
between them.

100. Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs
What rhymes with Bum Plundered? Un Funded? Give up?
Episode One Hundred, bitches!

Us … gangers … members of Pj and the Gang, that is, are super
excited about our 100th episode. We have a few fun things planned, not unlike public humiliation and genital mutilation, and the Gods decide to help punish the loser of a game by extending their suffering in penance for their transgression of failure.
Will a hero step up and end their suffering in 30 minutes or less? Tune in and find out!

100. Text Adventure Game Video
Play along as we journey through our text adventure game from our hundredth episode.
Check out the podcast to find out what happens to the loser, laughs are guaranteed!


92. Rusty Trombone
This week while Wookiee and Fisi are away playing prison games, Lily tries a new all natural hair product, Brazen brings up big Mexican wood and Reaper defines what a Rusty Trombone is.

82. Sexy Susan’s Not So Silent Night
This episode we play “Who The FiretrUCK is it”. It’s a game we
invented to see how well we know each other (and ourselves).
Each contestant picks a category (ie Sexy Time, Troof and
Handi-Quack). Pj reads them the question and the answer to the
question, then the contestant has to guess who’s answer it was.
At the end of the game the loser gets their comeuppance and has to do something…. let’s just say, you don’t want to lose.
Long time listeners can play along and see how well you know the gang.
There are laughs throughout with a hilarious, sweat inducing

70. GIF Of The Week – Speaking Of Skeletor

Exit, Stage Right


59. Bonus GIF – Baby Feed


52. The King Is Dead
The King Is Dead: An Anniversary Celebratastic Time
This episode we celebrate our year anniversary of podcasting.
This episode includes a balls to the wall rap off between Wookiee and Pj, special guest Morgan Freeman reads a fantastic epilogue written by Wookiee more than 10 years ago and we meet a super-secret guest at the end of a game we play were we learn the Troof about Sexy Bodily Emissions and the loser gets the comeuppance they deserve.

Bonus GIF 02 – Heavy Metal Demo


Bonus GIF – Show Me Your Yoda Face