matter eater lad

Name Polebiter the RodMuncher powers Gnaws iron, bites steel a bit of back story He was locked in playpens at an early age, always kept out of the way. First they were regular, but he kept chewing his way out, so his parents spent lots of money on different fences. And dentists. Finally they settled on obsidian teeth and gastric bypass. The metal slides out of his system without being digested, but it sometimes gets stuck if he doesn’t chew his food well enough. He sings himself to sleep at night with the rhyme “chew your food, times: 32, ’cause if you don’t, then you won’t poo! If you chew enough, you’ll make the mud, so always chew 2 times more, so there’ll be less blood!” so he doesn’t forget. And because of the whole ‘parents locked him up’ thing. publisher (Marvel, DC, Image etc..) DC. Because suicide squad year they were created 1976 are they still alive in the comics or are they deceased The only person in comics who died was Uncle Ben, but this guys teeth can bite metal, but he couldn’t digest it. Got nickel poisoning and went blind, and couldn’t she his fingers to count how many times he had chewed. How many total issues have they appeared in. 4. First appearance, origin story, stuck in the hospital, tragic death issue.

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