Gadzooks, it spooks! Shivering in their socks! Halloween and Horses, all!

224. Piss Yourself Goodnight
Happy Halloween!
The Gang, still short one Brazen for a show, tries out the Friday the 13th game in celebration of Halloween. Well worth the $6 entry fee, and so much fun.

They also go into the greatest, yet non-spoilery detail possible about their love for RDR2. Holy Lord. Thank you, Rockstar. ❤


224. First Vid Of The Week – Friday The 13th
Pj, Wookiee and Fisi try not to scream like children while trying Friday The 13th game for the first time! Many scares and laughs are included.

224. Vid Of The Week – Wookiee’s Picture Stories
See the world of Red Dead 2 through the eyes of Wookiee as he just tries to exist in the world for 36 hours of play time in the first 3 days of the game’s launch. Hilariously tough was the Wild West.

Halloween – Beth Plays Outlast
Check out what happens when Pj convinces Beth (who is scared of shadows and common noises) to play a creepy ass game called Outlast!


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