Public pools, Roseanne, Facebook. We saw this all coming. Let’s be honest.

203. Many Ways To Skin A Yeti
In this week’s episode of Pj! and The Gang! We start the show off right by not being racist and getting a TV show cancelled (I wasn’t going to get around to watching Roseanne anyway, I’ll admit it), then we discuss less pointless matters, such as: TV intros that we don’t skip! The worst things to hear just before the anesthetic kicks in! And how many holes can Pj’s schooner take? (It’s… It’s a lot. Lots of holes.)


203. Gif of the Week – Pert Plus Pollution
The title is a lie. We all know this scruple-less marshmallow doesn’t use shampoo. And you should be proud of me – I so wanted to use a Shamoo/shampoo play on words for the title, but I didn’t. I just wanted you to know that I saw it too. And it was enough just knowing that it’s there, safe and sound. Like a pearl-handled revolver under your pillow. Don’t do drugs, kids.


How do you check for horse freshness?


203 pirate.PNG

Pj’s Sea Of Thieves avatar and the ship they rode in on lol


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