Never Rub Another Man’s Rhubarb! Or his Samsonite. Or his Tesla Flame Thrower.

188. Anal Flex Capacitor
This week on Pj! and the Gang! Fisi shares thoughts about one of the Cloverfield moving pictures, and ends up with his hands all up in another man’s sack. We see pics of Pj’s unborn children (and most likely unconceived at this point, too) and Wookiee queries the Gods a simple riddle: why is Prop Hunt, a temporary hide-and-seek game mode in Call of Duty WWII, the most fun thing in the entire game? And why hasn’t anyone done this since the first month of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer? Seriously, that was the shit. Then they balanced it into garbage and we were unstoppable on defense. WTF. And Beth shows up in spirit from what was most likely a challenge put forth by Pj.


188. Gif Of The Week – Jerry’s Kids
They may be as cute as Pj but something in those algorithmically-generated eyes lies a deep seed of evil. Or mental slowness. Like the eyes of a buffalo I once saw. Spooky wells of long but shallow consideration that just radiate impending personal harm at any moment’s notice. Cute as buttons though. Definitely upgrade their captivation.



Beth tries her first 3D game ever, and bravely breaks the top 10 by skill, strategy, and staring at her character’s feet.


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