Yo-ho hardies! Put a notch in your cutlass and a crotch in your buttress!

185. Bend It, It’s Done
Avast, Ye Mateys! The very long-awaited closed beta for Sea of Thieves is coming, and while you can’t tell, Pj is more excited than a portable saw in a pegleg shop. Nintendo Labbo(?) brings about a new Beth phrase that’s nearly as dear as ‘Look at my big fat coin!’


Vid of the Week

Construct Your Gadgets

What is made of cardboard, more expensive than a night with your mother, and rhymes with the French version of Inspector Gadget opening theme song? That’s right, it’s… what the heck is… Nintendo Labbo? Gadget au Chapeau!


Nintendo Labo variety kit
Nintendo Labo robot kit

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