Happy Thanksgiving All! Witness as we battle each other with a comic book character quiz!

177. Comic Connaissance
Quiz Time! Let’s All See How Well The Gang Knows Comics

This week on PJ and the Gang, PJ tests the Gang’s “Comic Connaissance” by pitting them against each other and some very obscure super people.


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177. Vid Of The Week – Comic Connaissance


Wookiee’s Character:

Polebiter the RodMuncher

Gnaws iron, bites steel

A bit of backstory
He was locked in playpens at an early age, always kept out of the way.  First they were regular, but he kept chewing his way out, so his parents spent lots of money on different fences. And dentists. Finally they settled on obsidian teeth and gastric bypass. The metal slides out of his system without being digested, but it sometimes gets stuck if he doesn’t chew his food well enough. He sings himself to sleep at night with the rhyme “chew your food, times: 32, ’cause if you don’t, then you won’t poo! If you chew enough, you’ll make the mud, so always chew 2 times more, so there’ll be less blood!” so he doesn’t forget. And because of the whole ‘parents locked him up’ thing.


Brazen’s Character:

 Super Power
Mind Control

Mindo Bendo real name Alberto Guerrera. Mindo started his life as famous Lucha libre or Mexican wrestler for the non-Spanish speaking folks. After winning it all in the refried beans no quac. world championships he was caught in a nasty gang shoot out on his way home. Bearly alive he was rushed to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. But that would not be the end of his story. Pepe his midget side kick stole his body from local morgue and conducted an experimental procedure bringing him back to life and giving him super powers. Back from the dead Mindo could now control the minds of his foes and make a killer beef and chili burrito.


Fisi’s Character:

The  Needler   AKA  The  Prick

Name:  James  N.  Edleman  (aka  “Jimmy”)
Former  fashion  model  &   infamous  cat  burglar
Jimmy  was  known  for   wearing  expensive  Italian
suits  and  pantyhosefora  mask  while  stealing
diamonds  and  silk  scarves.
Once  a  lover of  fashion,  The  Needler  is now  symbioticñesh-tcned  onesy.
He  promised  his fiance  that  he  would  leave  him  something  big  enough  to   pay  for  their   wedding
and  the  tiny  homeveronica  so  badly  wanted.

When  his  favorite  Italian  suit   designerreleased
their   new  line  of   tuxedos,
Jimmy  knew  this  was his  big  shot.

He  planned  the  truck  robbery  perfectly,but
even  hismeticulous  planning  couldn’t  have
oredlctedthe  elderly   gypsywoman  who  got  in
the way…

The truck  struck  the  gypsy woman’s  car,  sending
it   tumbling  off   a  bridge  into   the  freezingwaters
of   the  Golden  Citv   River.

Jimmy  dove  into  the  watertotry  to  save  her  but
it   wastoo  late  forthe  gypsywornan,  who  with
her   dying  breath,  cursed  Jimmy  to  live  a  life  of
lonelinessand  sorrow.

Nov,The  Needler   hides  in  the  shadows  and
steals  to  build  his  fortune,  in  the  hopesthat  one
day   he  can  breakthe  curse  that  keepshim  apart
from  his  beloved Veronica.

The Needler   uses  the  Needle of Vengeance to
vault  from  rooftoptorooftop,to  pick  themost
secure  locks.  and  to   penetrate the  souls  of   his enemies.  The full   extent of   the  Needles  power   is
unknown.  Even  to  the  Needler.

          The Needler’s  flesh-toned onesy and  his  velvet
boots  allow  him  to  move  silently   in  the
darkness.The  suit  also   repels  bullets and  gives          the  Needler  the  strength of   the entire  cast  of
Magic  Mike,  allowing  his  velvety  gloved  hands
to   rip  his  enemies  limb  from  limb  ..or just  ruin their clothes.


Lily’s Character:

In this universe, super villains are mandated by the government to retire at the age of 62. If they continue to operate as super villains after the age of 62 they are remitted to the Federal Department of Retirement (FDR). The FDR employs just one agent. His name is Fredrick Tennessee. Freddy Tenny — as he is known by his enemies, a name which he hates — has one task. That task? Retiring aged super villains. Does he kill them? No. Does he wipe out their minions? No. He puts them into Doom Skull Manor Retirement Community in Sunny Pines, Florida, where they are destined to play bridge and shuffleboard for the rest of their nefarious days.

In addition to being supernaturally stoic and crotchety and a member of AARP since birth, his superpower is actually the ability to sense when hipsters are about to step onto an old person’s lawn. He can also turn water into prune juice and he has a trademark on “Kid’s these days….”

When a child, he got his eye shot out with a Red Rider BB gun and never wanted to be — or deal with — children again. Hence his career.

P.S. He likes his egg rolls extra extra saucy, as evident in the photo. Extra saucy. No, more sauce. More. Ok, there you go.

He’s DC for life, yo. Those guys from Arkham are hacks.


Beth’s Character:

beth story 01

beth story 02

beth story 03


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