Get in the mood for Halloween with Pj And The Gang!

In Memory of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and all other great storytellers:

Pj And The Gang Present

An audio only version is also available: 121. Halloween Special
It includes an eerie bonus track at the end from the one and only Star Anna!
(visit and support her on her bandcamp site !)

This week, on a very special Pj and the Gang! We go back in time to a simpler era to relive one of the spooky classic short stories… The Monkey’s Paw!
Join us for a laughably spooky time, and enjoy Reaper doing his actual, natural, every day speaking voice!
All available Gang members join the cast in one way or another, with a few special tweaks. Retro, baby!
Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, join us and be entertained!

Feel free to email us at

We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , SoundCloud and YouTube.

You can also hear us on the Monday nights at 8pm Eastern (7 central)

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