Spawned of the Dead

159. Buckets of P***Y
With a brief send-off to George Romero, The Gang reaches down deep and unearths some strange verbal imagery. How do you get from phone flashlights to animal vomit? Who knows what a Pokémon rest stop has to do with Avatar movie sequels, and what did Wookiee think of the Titanic movie, then and now? Tune in and enjoy the spread!


159. Gifs Of The Week – Flubber Plummet-Biggs Hoeson: The Head-On Collider
Thanks to a great Fup from Fisi, we merge two gifs into one! And we still don’t charge for this $#!! – White folks don’t know the value…..
159. Gifs Of The Week
Gif #1 Flubber Plummet
What better way to cool off than busting your hump on camera?
Gif #2 Biggs Hoeson: The Head-On Collider
This is how you make a big black hole. This isn’t shot in slow motion, either – big things just look like they move at this speed.


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