Game Seg: Powder Keg! Which one will give Brazen a Peg?

157. A Few Good Men (And We’re Not Responsible For Our Unsupervised Actions)
Some of The Gang still hasn’t learned what happens when you leave PJ, Brazen and Wookiee to their own devices. Of course they’re going to talk about games. Games that are good, games coming that they want to be good, games coming out that should be better, and what historical setting props up the biggest Brazen Bonner. Probably a few small Wookiee rants, or blurbs about GTA Gunrunning.


157. Gif Of The Week – I’ll See Myself Out
A quick gif never had so much to discover each time it loops. Can you find Waldo? I don’t think he’s in there, but you can’t prove that he’s not.


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