Swap Some Paint; Or, Feast Your Eyes On My Taint!

156. We Did Poopies Right
Birthday Bash!

Fisi paints yet another mental landscape that lowers the eyes and moistens the nethers! Who spies his junk? And what’s in his trunk? I’ll hazard a guess: it’s not what you thunk!

Wookiee uses an Elite Xbox controller to multitask, and hey, it’s not junk!

Fisi’s birthday is a week before Reaper and Wookiee’s, so some stories are told. The Gang wishes Reaper all good things as he’s busy as two hives of bees. He hasn’t even played the GTA Gunrunning update. I know, right?


156. Gif Of The Week – Maniac!
We are dancing like we’ve never danced before!


156 zoom.jpeg

DIY at it’s finest…


Cat brain freeze!


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