It’s not hard, it’s just shitty equipment.

149. Cweaty Sunt
Whom would you rather meet in a dark alley: Carrot Top, Lion-O, a hybrid of the two, or a visual of what a Rubber Cement Diaper is? Well we prefer a straight fight, so bring’em all on at once!
Join the throng with Pj, Wookiee and Brazen! Don’t be a B like the rest of the gang this week! (OK Reaper and Kat have a valid reason for absence, but the others? Bunch of lowlifes!)

149. Gif Of The Week – Lion-O Top? Carrot Cat?

Video of the Week – Yeer Boga
Yeah, and eventually every comparison and pairing will be made, so let’s just sigh and let this one happen. Ugh.

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