This week on Pj and the Scott! psst Scaahhtt!

145. Scott… Psst Scott
Fisi gets creeped out in the dressing room, the Gang ponders what sizes of dice they’d need to play 50 Shades of Dungeons and Dragons, and they wonder if Destiny 2 or Xbox Scorpio are going to be on the up-and-up. (Wookiee wants some of his 900+ hours back)

145. Gif Of The Week – Screaming Beaver Death Slide
A beaver tells us what he’s thinking, but we have trouble hearing him. Was it politics? Economy? Trouble funding women’s shoes in a man-beaver’s size? And some asshat tries to find his inner Scott, but just jams it further in in when he lands Scott down on his Scaaahhhtt…

Wookiee’s 900 meter head shot in Ghost recon

145 squirrel

Brazen’s Squirrel Friend


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