Gather round for Fisi’s tale of woe! We hope he makes it!

127. Two Foot Long King Kong Dong
This week The Gang is regaled with a true life adventure of private, personal peril from Fisi and we discuss misheard lyrics (oh, right, like you know what Bieber is saying half the time either). Meanwhile, Brazen, having just given us his opinion of the walking dead, immediately changes it with a whopping 180 degree turn. WTF, right?

127. Gif Of The Week – I Be Strokin!
It puts the left hand out, it puts the left hand in, else it gets the hose again…


Misinterpreted Lyrics127 pic.png

If you are really bored you can watch some of us play Battlefield 1 using German accents mentioned in this episode…

127. Outtake – Pjs Gonna Stop The Flow – Pj brings the episode to a screeching hault…
We got betta…..

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