Join us this week as a new compatriot joins our podcast!

117. Slogo
We then proceed to grill and quiz said crony in order to get to know them Pj And The Gang style. (which sounds more porno than it is…)

Additionally we learn what makes a rain stick noisy, we try to find out what a crop cannon is, we discuss Tom Selleck’s luscious mustache and then try to call a mysterious phone number eerily found scribbled in a hotel room.



The Gif Brazen Shared


Wookiee’s Kirk Cock


Wookiee’s Discussed Profile Pic


Brazen’s Discussed Profile Pic


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As well as Sunday nights at 9:30 Eastern (8:30 Central) after the kick ass music they play.

You can also hear us on the Monday nights at 8pm Eastern (7 central)


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