Secret Brazen Man! Eatin… Raisin Bran?

113. Bruised Taints
The Gang are all back from vacation (besides Fisi, he’s on his third vacation trip in the last week), but only three of us have the bawls to represent! Vacation Ending and Sunday Night Blues join forces against us, but not even their combined strength can keep us down for long. Hear what you missed by not hanging out with us in real life (which might be creepy if you just happened to show up, so don’t do that), help us brush the dust off, rub the muscles down (rental bike seats are intrusive at best) and get back in the action! HOOOooo!!!

Giggity Up.jpg

Giggity Up Fisi

Feel free to email us at and join us at

We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , SoundCloud and YouTube.

As well as Sunday nights at 9:30 Eastern (8:30 Central) after the kick ass music they play.

You can also hear us on the Monday nights at 8pm Eastern (7 central)


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