The enemy of mine enemy… and mine enemy are SPIDERS.

108. Butt Cheek Jeans
Just what you’ve been craving – more Pokémon Go! hijinks! The Gang ponders ways to make the game leap from “augmented reality” to “booby-trap brutality”, and has a nostalgic throwback to K-Mart, Little Ceasars, and the best foot-sport of all – hacky sack. Wookiee & Pj find a little bit of their past in Fallout 4, and Wookiee makes an uneasy truce with gross bugs.

108. Gif Of The Week – ManFaye
Don’t want none unless you got buns hun!


This guy tasted Reapers brain lol


Fisi’s next cosplay adventure?!

30 golems

WTF 3 Golems?!


Faye 🙂

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