What rhymes with Bum Plundered? Un Funded? Give up? Episode One Hundred, bitches!

100. Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs

Us … gangers … members of Pj and the Gang, that is, are super excited about our 100th episode. We have a few fun things planned, not unlike public humiliation and genital mutilation, and the Gods decide to help punish the loser of a game by extending their suffering in penance for their transgression of failure. Will a hero step up and end their suffering in 30 minutes or less? Tune in and find out!

100. Text Adventure Game Video

Play along as we journey through our text adventure game from our hundredth episode.Check out the podcast to find out what happens to the loser, laughs are guaranteed!


Rap off lyrics listed below!

Lily vs Brazen 

Line 1 – Lily

Bring it!  

Line 2 – Brazen

Hey it’s lily still lovin some mili vanilli. Making sweet sandwiches hopin to see pj’s little one eyed willy.

Taking silly photos of kids from a black van parked outside fantastic sams.

Offering free hams to any kid named stan. Just hoping to spread some jam on an underwater clam. 

Line 3 – Lily

Finally the amazin Caucasian Brazen found his small raisins. 

He’s always trying to get the one eyed snake into a girls lobster clam bake.

Even when he knows she’s on the take.

After a wee diddle diddle and rumble n tumble he looks up to see,  it’s not a girl but a man named Tony.  

Line 4 – Brazen

Tony!?! It just goes to show brazen raisins are two scoops for any gender.

I’m the cross gendered rear ender, ender.

Get it? No.

Lily better step back and rewipe ya butt hole.

Your cooking so bad i would rather have my meals on death row while getting butt sex from Jethro.

Know ya know. 

Line 5 – Lily

I knew you liked dick up the ass. 

When he pulls out do you give him machine gun gas?

Don’t you know never trust a fart?

Oh wait,  I forget that’s what you call underwear art.

I think you need to work on your landscapes,  next time try eating some rotten grapes!

Put those skid marks all in a row and make something nice for that pretty boy Jethro. 

Line 6 – Brazen

I make the best art from my broccoli skid marks. I call it art with some fresh farts.

So when your done heating up those pot tarts make your way to my fan art and check out the the new shart I call it lily of ark. 

Line 7 – Lily

Oh hush yo mouth,  and put on dos new balance shoes,  and maybe you’ll get through the movie previews.

So take a nap and a Xanax cause you got nuttin on me,  cept one thing, you can stand when you pee.  

Line 8 – Brazen

Fathered by vanilla ice and mister t lily geez how did you guess my secret talent was the standing pee. Better clean the kitty liter off your working knees.

I have to say my rhymes are the bees knees.

No need for applause please. I already got the clap from your momma d.

Go back to your sittin pee.


Wookiee vs Fisi 

Line 1 – Wookiee

Like Eldar Mariners, let’s set out on this voyage

If only you’d take it seriously, and stop playin’ with your boyage.

Don’t rock the boat, with your hand on your scrote,

You know you wearin’ a purse, just callin’ it a tote. 

Line 2 – Fisi

My hand’s OFF my scrote

And your rhymes just CANT cope

Strong as Iron Man with

his hand at your THROAT  

Line 3 – Wookiee

Don’t lay your hands on me, I know where they’ve been hidin’

I don’t want to think about it, but I can guess what they’ve been ridin’…

And it ain’t the steeds of Rohan or the Eagles of the rocks,

If I had to place a bet, my money’s on Big Black Cocks. 

Line 4 – Fisi

When it comes to the phallus

I’m racially blind

But sounds to me like you have dick on your mind,

Maybe in Wakanda you’ll find what you seek

Go visit Black Panther and have a little peek… 

Line 5 – Wookiee

I think you mean yourself, and the tent-pitching kind of peak… when it comes to words, I guess you’re kinda weak

You judge the hearts of others based on your own desire. The same mistake as Sauron, and his Ring fell into fire. 

Line 6 – Fisi

The fellowship thinks it’s got a great leader

but Frodo’s as short as Ant Mans’ shrunken wiener

Your lines are bouncing back like bullets off vibranium

So back your ass up before Hulk smashes your cranium 

Line 7 – Wookiee

You better plead the Fif’ until you read this shit, cause you comin’ off all kinds o’ ignorant

Frodo didn’t know shit… it was Gandalf, you tit

You too busy wearing skinny jeans and trying to look ‘groovy’, the least you coulda done is watch one of the fuckin movies.

Line 8 – Fisi

My jeans are only skinny

‘cause my crotch is so wide

Can’t help if the straining fabric

Helps ladies quickly decide

This game is no contest

Let’s put it to rest

Because just like Boromir

You can’t pass the test

Line 9 Wookiee

Boromir was a bitch, but he had a lesson to teach

don’t try to try to grasp things out of your reach

That’s not a problem for you, cuz your dick ain’t that long

Can we end this thing already, cuz your shit ain’t worth a song. 

Line 10 Fisi

You drop the mic

I’ll drop the hammer

Finish off this battle with a song from Bruce Banner

(PJ PLEASE PLAY THIS MUSIC NOW https://youtu.be/TzMSfaNXYZg?t=10s)   



Pj vs Reaper 

Line 1 – Pj

Hey Yo, speakin of Creepers

Here’s my man Reaper

Around the barnyard

He’s  like a high school boy

With a trapper keeper

His mommas so fat

Legally she has to wear a beeper

We should all be glad that he aint no streaker

Cause when he shows his beaver

He looks like Justin Bieber 

Line 2 – Reaper

Hey PJ, you wanna play?

This ain’t McDonald’s bitch…

But you can have it my way.

Watch what you say about that pedophile stuff.

You ain’t tough.

Your all fluff.

When they drag you off to prison you’ll be a soggy cream puff.

You’ll spend the rest of your life in blood soaked depends.

Just looking out bro, cause Wes friends.

Your a gas station hoe that can’t turn a trick.

Don’t cry just cause you can’t see your dick.

In this line of work you can be a receiver.

By the time we’re done I’ll make you a belieber. 

Line 3 – Pj

Have it your way?

Like yo mommas sway?

Round the farm you give new meaning

To the term horse play

To much colt cock in your mouth

That’s why speak like bob-bob-bobby boucher’

Why am I to be imprisoned,

Is there something I’m missin?

It always make me wonder if yo momma was pissed in?

We all know she isn’t one for resistin’

Can’t see my dick cause it’s always in your mutha

Someone’s gotta break the chain of and yo uncle brutha.

You be Keepn it in the family, one right after another.

Of burgers your the King?

More like a queen,

I’ve never seen anyone like pig anus

More than Jimmy dean 

Line 4 – Reaper

Okay PJ

Lesson one, pony play.

Momma don’t like you.. She likes everyone.

But just for fun, I’ll have her put you on the run.

Strip down, saddle up and strut.

Don’t forget your tail.. what what.

You like it when mama back it up (beep,beep).

But hands to your self, fuckin creep.

You’ll go to jail cause your face is a crime.

For that alone you aught to do a dime.

You’re just a cum stain from coach Klein.

Try to poke something that ain’t feline.

God knows that mews needs to resign.

Calm your tits bro, don’t stress.

You look like a liberated abscess.

Mama pity fuck you for damn sure.

God knows your hung like a hamster. 

Line 5 – Pj

All you talk about is yo momma

We’re all sick of the drama

Everyone knows da bytch spits like a llama

Lets talk about all the meat you put to yo lips

Not talkin bout hambone or steak tips

You got Louis Armstrong cheeks when your rusty trombonin

With yo face in his cheeks yo boyfriend be groanin

Thinking you king when you be twink ownin

Yet you die when your prank phonin

Sexy Susan’s not so silent night

Sounds like that needs a rewrite

In terms of you should be called

Brother dad holds tight

Green light



Pillow fight

Yellow light

Turkish delight

Sword fight

Covered in white

Red light 

Line 6 – Reaper

So it didn’t work out with mama

You shouldn’t have caused her all that trauma.

I have no sympathy bone for you.

Just cause you don’t know how to screw

Or your balls have long been blue.

You still don’t have a clue.

Lay off the arm cardio bro.

Baby sauce needs some place to go.

I don’t care if it’s a curbside hoe

Or a 6 ft cross dresser named Moe.

Give that bitch an afterglow

So you get seconds of her sloppy Joe.

You can borrow Susan’s mistletoe

If that will kick off the show.

Maybe you should cut out hookers though

And find a therapist for Hugo.

So next time your walking down my street

And you think that your ready to compete

Let’s look at the balance sheet.

Your lyrics like your backside in defeat

Disgusting to look at, loose meat.


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