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7 pm – Tattooed Bananas Comedy Show – – An up, and coming comedy podcast about all kinds of wacky crap! “This show is loaded with fast paced comedic banter and these two guys do it well!
8 pm – Cole Sportz – Cole Sportz is a podcast produced hosted by author, news producer and sports-nerd, Cole Johnson.
8:30 pm – Share A Slice – Sean finds really interesting people and then talks to them.
9 pm – 21st Century Hannah – ’21st Century Hannah’, creates awareness for the childless not by choice experience and community.
10pm – DOTDOTDOT Variety Podcast – – The truth is out there, we just haven’t told it to you yet! Joe and Zak take you on a journey through our world, our minds, and also take you on a little trip for the ladies. You never quite know what you’re gonna get. Listen! Learn!


6 pm – Secret Transmission Podcast – A podcast about the strange and unusual! The secret and conspiracies! The fringe and supernatural! We do little to no research as we have our conversations over a different topic each show. Come listen to us… TRY TO EXPLAIN… THE UNEXPLAINABLE.
7 pm – Watch Talk Wrestling Join Watch Talk Wrestling Podcast as they relive The Monday Night Wars from 20 years ago.
8 pm – Pj and The Gang – An unscripted podcast where two brothers, three friends, a wife and guests try to make each other laugh by being totally inappropriate.
10 pm – Nerds Who Get Laid Sometimes – A Weekly Podcast by a group of geeks. They talk about everything from comic books to time travel. Come be geeky with them !


7 pm – Citizens Of Tech – The Citizens of Tech Podcast is not a show about gadgets and apps, at least not specifically. It’s not a show about networking. It’s not a constipated show about IT. Rather, it’s a show for nerds who like science, gaming, books, contrarian thinking, entertainment, space exploration, transportation, energy, complex world problems, and anything else that’s somehow technology-related. Sure, that might include gadgets, apps, IT, and so on, but we’re trying to appeal to a certain kind of mind — probably yours — and not to a certain kind of industry.
8 pm – The Twisted Ten The Twisted Ten is a podcast hosted by Tach & Adam; where they come up with a unique top ten list and break it down!
9 pm – Press To Continue – Relive the memories of your childhood as we talk about retro video games, board games, and card games from a guy’s and girl’s perspective.
9:30 pm – Parlipod – “This is for Swamp Heads and It’s alot of fun! Great podcast for fans old and new” – Kelley Jones, Swamp Thing artist “The place to go for your Swamp Thing fix.”


7:30 pm – Sports Uncorrupted – Sacrifices for sport and fitness happen everyday at every hour in every town and city everywhere. From innovators to weekend warriors, these are a fraction of those stories.
8 pm – Living Podcariously real men’s perspectives; unfiltered, unapologetic.
9:30 pm – Let’s Talk Flix – Your One Stop Show For Movie Talk!
10:30 pm – This Week In Film – A fun round table discussion about movies they saw this week.


7 pm – DoD Podcast – The Dads of Destiny Podcast discuss games, community and Dad advice.
8 pm – The Bearded Ones – Actor/Improvisers, Evan Harris and Jason Underwood, talk about the odd, the amazing, and the messed up things about pop culture, science, society and themselves.
10 pm – Bad Cop Bad Cop – The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show is a comedy podcast done by two guys with pretty bad attitudes. Jerry and Dave opine, bitch and make you laugh.


7 pm – The Grown Ass Man Hip Hop Show – Join brothers Lawrence G, and Joey Burn’em each week as they talk about love, life and hip hop, from a Grown Ass Man perspective. “Grown Ass Men Do Grown Man Shit!”
8 pm – The Wayne Gale Variety Show – (EVERY OTHER WEEK) Whether discussing the latest blockbuster, a beloved director, music from the year 1998, or global terrorism, the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR covers it all–one topic and episode at a time. The WGVH is hosted by DANNO KLONOWSKI and MATT RISNES.
10 pm – Trending Topics with BB – Trending Topics with BB is a podcast about what’s trending at the time.


8 pm – Cave Crew Radio Join your hosts Sir Big B, DK, and junior intern Choo Choo Stu as we explore this strange and wacky world we live in. Comedy, weird news, current events, movies, music, sports and parenting are all on board. From Canada, USA and England. Warning this show is NSFW and may offend some listeners
10 pm – Focused Fire Chat – Podcast which covers information discussed in a cross-community chat for Game Lore, focusing primarily on Destiny.

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