Two heads are better than one, but not when you try to record a Skype call, apparently.

97. Episode #52 Reissue: The King Is Dead

Electronical mishaps bring about nostalgia.

Technical difficulties are like hemorrhoids. I have no idea why, but they both probably suck, and due to one of which the root cause is yet unknown, our most recent episode shall ne’er be heard by mortal ears, until they hear the everlasting mumbling and rustling and old-man noises whilst sitting quietly next to their forebears in the halls of their fathers. Such a thing has not happened since the beginning, yea, not since the very start of the adventure of The Pj and his Gang. So, in one way, hemorrhoids are like this week’s episode recording – because Wookiee’s backup has neither of them, and sitting in comfort should be cause enough to not be too troubled about inconveniences.

So, with this fist-fuck-sized lemon, we’re going to douche you with lemonade, bitches! Here’s a re-telling of one of our most popular episodes. It has it all, and if you’re heard it before when it was new, you’ll enjoy it just as much, even after many moons and seasons.

As we’re investigating, doubling the guard and implementing magical recording redundancy gnomes, tune in and hear it again, for the first time: The Pj and the Gang Anniversary special, episode 52. REJOICE! (and the next time life sucks, just think of donut-butt-pillows and think of those worse off than yourself! the misery of others always makes Wookiee feel better by comparison, and so shall it be with you!)

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