Extra, Extra! Read all about it! We have a cool announcement, and you can’t live without it!

96. Farting Four Hundred Pounders

What do you get when you take good music, add some fart jokes, mix in some of The Gang, and then just add MORE? Syndication, baby! Pj and The Gang will be broadcast Sunday nights at 9:30 Eastern (8:30 Central) on 102.7 WSNR, Social Network Radio! Check them out at www.1027wsnr.com, and of course, our site at PjAndTheGang.com. Come for the music, stay for the laughs!

We also prepare for our 100th episode by playing a silly game, and the results set the destiny of future rap battle partners, amidst a stream of randomly-generated moronery.

96. Gif Of The Week – Car Go Fast

Fisi is curious if this is how Lily would change a tire.

Feel free to email us at pjandthegangpodcast@gmail.com and join us at pjandthegang.com.

We are also on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , SoundCloud , YouTube and more!


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