Episode 53 is ready for some luv! Including a GIF of the week and a VID of the week. There are also some pics from the episode.

53. Sock It To Me – This week we talk about our trip down to Wookiee’s, which includes: movies, superfast go karts, museums, automatic rifles and Medieval Times! Oh, we also talk about mullets and how to hunt them in the wild. http://hipcast.com/podcast/HYLklZ5s

53. GIF Of The Week – Right In The Bag – Everyone should wear a cup at all times…even squirrels… http://hipcast.com/podcast/HfWvL82s

53. VID Of The Week – Brazen’s Box Trot – In the vid Wookiee and I are providing superior cover and yet Brazen still finds a way to die….   http://hipcast.com/podcast/Hm1WFrcs

Front shot of Fullet

Front shot of Fullet

Fullet From Behind

Fullet from behind

Car Jack Mullet

Carjack Mullet

Bonus Mullet!

Bonus Mullet just for fun!

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