What did the hand say to the face? New content from Pj And The Gang is available fool!

56. Things Are Not Wizard
This week we chat about DUI’s, zambies, our personal purgatories and tipping for food and or sex!
56. GIF Of The Week – A Round Thing In Yo Face
Too much rubber can be deadly…
not wizard

Jake Lloyd (aka Anakin Skywalker)

Another Friday means more Pj And The Gang! Feast your eyes! (and ears…)

54. New Balanced

This week we start out with a behind the curtain view of the opening of the show and then talk about Amish in the wild, Brazen’s New Balance shoe fetish and what the Gang wants on their tombstones.


54. GIF Of The Week – Moose On The Wing

Nothing worse than runny moose…



Fisi’s Bathroom Techniques (as discussed in ep54)