Time for a brand new Pj And The Gang episode!


One hell of an episode this week…

Lily blunders return! How many can you count this time?Reaper comes out of his shell, Lily asks a question that no one answers, we get homemaking tips from Fisi, Wookiee enters the Matrix and  Brazen looks at naked spidermen! And to top it off there are expired condoms and rap music!

The following pic is referenced in this episode so enjoy Spiderman!


My favorite text of the day!

“Holy shit nutty bars are good. Haven’t had one in years, but they keep a full bar of snacks and shit in the IT room. So far I’ve abstained but I just saw a goddamn Little Debbie in there and lost my shit.

It goes ok with plain Lipton black tea. I think I saw an oatmeal cream sammich thing Anne Frank’ing in the back of the cabinet… gonna go back for her tomorrow if Nazzies haven’t found her yet.”